Why Battery Labeling Is Important..?

The way towards brand reputation…

Your brand might be manufacturing some of the best battery products, yet it might lack the popularity it deserves. You might be putting all your efforts towards marketing and promotion, yet it is lagging behind in clientele growth. Wondered what might be that one step missing? Well, it might very well be an issue with product labeling. When a customer wants to buy any particular product amongst a sea of different brands providing similar qualities and making it difficult to choose from, appearance becomes an appealing factor. And appearance comes from the quality and creativity of labeling.

What is Product Labeling?

Product labeling is the process of displaying information on a product using labels and stickers. Labeling should ideally include brand name, logo, name, specification of the product, and contact information. In case of batteries, specifications should include power units, material, model, and safety details, etc. Product labeling is essential for the marketing & promotional purpose of any product and to build the reputation of any brand or product.

The Psychology Behind

The amount and effort put into labeling for any brand are justified because of certain aspects ingrained in human psychology. Just like that one rupee reduced in price tags of INR 499 or INR 9999 makes a huge difference; so does labeling. Appearance plays a huge role in choosing a product and remembering it to be a good one. Batteries, whether automotive or inverter, or solar; lasts longer than any usual product. Thus, the label should last as long as the product.

Important aspects of battery labeling

Labels and stickers for batteries require to follow a few specific aspects in designing and printing. Since batteries are exposed to changes in temperature, label materials need to be resistant to damage in such situations. Since acidic concentrations are also used in batteries, the label material should be acid-resistant. Moreover, the battery label manufacturers should make sure the colors do not fade away with time.

Why choose Powerstik?

Powerstik is a leading battery sticker manufacturer in India with more than 17 years of experience in the field that has seen many changes in techniques and designing. Sticking to time-tested technology and adopting innovative designs, Powerstik has aced the field and emerged a leader. Apart from meeting the labeling needs for more than a thousand Indian battery brands across the states, Powerstik also exports to neighboring Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Stickers and labels are made with very refined technology in Powerstik with the help of an expert team specialized in graphic designing, digital printing, research & development, and logistics. The best quality raw materials are used to produce acid and temperature-resistant labels and stickers with bright and long-lasting colors. A strict procedure of 21 tests is followed for approval and German standard print production machines are used. Each unit is carefully inspected before dispatch. Powerstik is the first choice of the top brands in the battery industry. Is your battery Powerstik proof yet? Discover more: https://powerstik.net/products