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Technology changes the way we experience things. In today’s world where virtual and actual both impact equally, our choices have evolved too. Not only the product quality, but the packaging and labelling too needs to be extremely appealing. Empowered with designs that are timeless and technology that makes the labels damage resistant, Powerstik is the future of your labelling choice!


What we can do

We ensure a journey of unbridled profit for your product, empowered with specialized services of Powerstik’s powerful technology.

Warranty Card Printing

One of the most important parts of your product is the Warranty Card. Make it


Leaflets Printing

For effective Leaflets Printing choose customized designs or refined pre-designed templates. A visually pleasing flyer


Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels, though a small addition, indeed a significant one you cannot go wrong with!


Metalized Labels

Metalize your goals of enhanced sales with Powerstik Materialized Labels. We are one of the


Roll Form Labels

Accessible and effective labelling solution for your priced products. Roll form stickers are used to


Sheet Form Labels

For faster, easier and safer labelling, opt for Powerstik Sheet Form Labels. We know that


Catching eyes at first glance and creating an impact that lasts long…

A blend of perfection acquired from experience and innovation adopted from advanced research and technology, Powerstik labelling is the best combination of appearance and functionality. Specially designed to withstand the numerous challenges of placing a label on battery products to last long, Powerstik ensures no damage is strong enough to destroy the lustre of its labels and stickers.

Specialities of Powerstik

With more than 21 years of experience, in house research and development units developing designs that are protected from leakage, heating, or usual wear and tear damages; technology experts producing labels and stickers with UV printing and embossed design with inks and colours that are of best available quality…these are the specialities of Powerstik.

Our mission is to be a market leader in offering designing and printing solutions for the industry that are par excellence and have wow factors in them which fulfils all the needs of the customer.

Our vision is to be a corporate valued for its excellent worth in delivering world class performance, and a contributor to the empowerment of the nation.

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Have a specific design in mind that you want to see transformed into your product's labelling? Powerstik is the right place you shall come to. Just inform our team about your idea, however rudimentary or formed it is, and we will take it up from there with necessary communication and consultation. It will be a joint effort where we collectively ensure success.

If you venture into a lot of products and have hardly any time to think of the specific design needs of each of their labelling, leave your worries to Powerstik. While you concentrate on the best quality of your product, let us ensure you get the best look and long lasting labelling resistant to damage.

Are you one of those manufacturers who takes the extra mile and dares to go spontaneous and uniquely innovative while choosing the designs for the labels and stickers for battery products? Let the usual ones compete in the same place while you carve your unique space with Powerstik designs.

Design enthusiasts to technology experts and client behaviour researchers to market analysts, a team of diverse talents at Powerstik assures the best possible solution for your product’s growth chart in the market.