The Future of Labelling Technology – Powerstik

Technology changes the way we experience things. Empowered with designs that are timeless and technology that makes the labels damage resistant, Powerstik is the future of your labelling choice!

Backed by Research

Powerstik products are developed after in depth research.

Empowered with Innovation

Innovation keeps Powerstik products ahead of the competition.

Our Speciality

In today’s world where virtual and actual both impact equally, our choices have evolved too. Not only the quality, but the appearance needs to be extremely appealing. Powerstik ensures both.

Impressive Appearance

Sure to catch the curious eyes of your clients!

Lasting Impression

We ensure your product shines the longest!

"We were looking for a label company and Powerstik more than delivered. They are providing best solution or we can say complete branding package in battery industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Powerstik to everyone."

Durgesh Gupta, Director

Apex Battery